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Keep up, Live on

She finally turned 25; and now a woman inspired to write about living life for others because of Ella Casano who invented the Medi teddy.

Perhaps we all do come to a time when we question our purposes in life. As the community demands more of our energy to keep everything under standard conditions, we lose time to explore true communal connections. But there are those who never give up, those who reminds us to keep on going.

A buddy for life.

A buddy for life.

Twenty five years old. A year that they pertain to as mid-life crisis.

So, what have you been experiencing so far?

Dwindling energy. Road forks. Autopilot days.

Everything seems senseless.

One day, there’s hope, the next day it’s all forgotten.

Everything seems to be the same

A hole inside expands

And nothing can seem to fill it up

Life demands to carry on

What can be done but to simply keep up?

You’re twenty five years old

And as you wonder how to get through the day

Unmindful of the life around

Somewhere a little girl uses her heart and mind

To lessen the pain for children suffering like her.

If a little girl can learn to live for others

How can you, who has lived beyond maturity

Give up on your own life?

Life only becomes a crisis when we abandon others

Or get abandoned by others.

But as long as children knows how to love

As long as others stay by your side

And as long as others never give up on you

And never give up on those who are suffering

Then you have all the reason to live on.

© 2019 Jillian Talavera

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