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Sunday Mornings


I enjoy those still moments in life
Where time seems to stand still
This is when I disconnect from
The world and reconnect to the
Inner me.

In this quite space I undress
And stir and the naked me
As I gaze into my reflective soul
I can see how far I have come.

I connect to reason that I have grown
Strong I also listen to the universe
In hopes to discover something new
About me that I had never known.

From what I see I wouldn’t change
A thing the mistakes I made although
Painful have added wisdom that
I never could learn from any book.

The stillness of the day feels like
Sunday mornings to my soul
In this creative space I can perfected
The imperfections I see within me.

I reeducate myself on how to love me
I retune the energy I send out and
Adjust to embrace the energy I have
Yet to receive

In this moment I can express myself
And not care if anyone else understands
I know that I have all I need here within
It’s just that life often buries it under
This thing called stress.

I enjoy those Sunday mornings whenever
They come because I have that one chance
To either cry away heartaches or
Have a good laugh and embrace the change
That is happening within me.

Moments like these have taught me that
The only way for the world to love
What they see is that I must first love me.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

© 2010 The Prolific Penman

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