State of Silence

Updated on May 3, 2018
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Marinette is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and a licensed professional teacher in Philippines.

I wish I have all the words in this world

To fully express what I feel inside

But everytime I have enough letters formed,

I couldn't accurately bring it all out.

Seems like everytime, talking is not enough

Though I have voice to lay it all out

It would never be the right thing to do

It just gets worse like what I'm used to

For me, silence doesn't mean yes

It's my thought I couldn't express

It's the sadness I feel

It's the smile that my lips cannot build

There are emotions in state of my silence

Those also are regrets I should forget

I silence, I can feel my existence

It's not what people are used to, I bet.

© 2018 Marinette


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