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Songs / Marsh Farm

Born without a clue. A lifetime later, situation largely unchanged. Nevertheless, one perseveres.....


Marsh Farm - the song

Marsh Farm

When you're long term unemployed and caught up living on the dole

the unemployment office never lets you take control

You earn a bit of money; you earn a bit of cash

They cut it from your benefit or take it from your stash

Everybody knows it; everybody's calm

Everybody knows you're living up on Marsh Farm

You're tied up into knots and you’re paying through the nose, the

kids are looking rough and shoutin for some trendy clothes

The buses don't like coming here to take you into town, so

you have to get a taxi if you wanna get around

Everybody knows it; they know you mean no harm;

Everybody knows you're coming down from Marsh Farm

You go out looking for a job; you go out looking for some pay

About your application form you know they’re gonna say

“We’d like to take it further; we’d like to help you out, but

your address clearly indicates you’re nothing but a lout”

Everybody knows it, despite your hidden charm;

Everybody knows your stuck with living on the Farm

You take a little bacon; you take a little beans

They reckon that’s enough to get your children through their teens

They keep you on the edge; they keep you living off the state

People they will tell you that you never can escape

Everybody knows it; it’s where you park your car

Everybody knows you can’t survive on Marsh Farm

You know you got your neighbours; you know you got your friends

You know that when it comes to it they’ll help you in the end

You got the social services; you got the national health, but

you know that it’s the residents on whom you can depend

You know you love the people here; you know you can’t go far

You know there’s nothing to compare with living on the Farm

© 2020 Deacon Martin

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