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Smile is a Killer

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Studies psychology, advocates on mental & physical wellness, teaches & writes.

There are numerous times and ways in which life might stumble on you, crash your heart, and break your soul. Situations like a sudden end of relationship, family problems, being away from home test your strength and faith. Sometimes, due to the increasing ache, you can’t help but succumb to tears. It is normal and healthy to experience and let out your grief, however, it is also possible that you might ruin your health. Dwelling in too much gloom/lose could lead to depression –a very serious mental illness that destroys your psychological, mental, and physical health. That is the reason this poem is made, I encourage you to move on with your life and overpass current grief, no matter how big or small through the magic of your smile.

I won the battle of depression by killing those harmful toxins with the magic of my smile.

— Sunshine Tibod

Smile is a Killer

Through your joy!
Let out,
A good laugh.
An outrageous
Smile on your face.
Only when necessary.
Your opinions & beliefs.
Do not let
Criticism disturb
Your inner peace.
And if,
Someone tries to destroy
The peace you create,
Defeat it with
The most
Attractive smile
You could create!

© 2019 Zoe Lee