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The Moon Looks Down Upon Me

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The moon is an observer, it looks down upon us

It notices when we're falling, it sees when victorious

I gaze at the moon and I see that it's alone

Its hunger for the company is boldly shown

I stretch out my hand and reach for the sky

When it's dark and it's quiet, known as the night

I wave my hand and paint a few stars

I silently whisper "don't worry, they're yours"

The moon starts to glow

And the scars fade away

Then it asks me a question "Will they really stay?"

I nod my head and answer in grace

"You will travel together when it's the day."

"And stay forever in the night but be shown to my face."

The moon is pleased with my response

I whisper once again

"It's what everyone would want."

Every time I wait for the family in the night sky

I could never get tired of gazing at them

Night-after-night I wave them goodbye

Finally, the moon now glows like a gem.

Thank you.

© 2018 delilah

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