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I must be fooling myself to anyone up there,

That I could conquer this sickening fear,

Sure enough I end up being a psychopath,

Tearing my flesh as I gnawed my bone,

Leaving trails of tears as I cried alone.

A living species born with dreams ,

But is congested with lies, anger and deceits,

Yearning freedom, acceptance ,forgiveness,

But all these were burnt out and gone,

To where do I go from here .

Hope someone can hear me too well,

Everyday is a cursed too painful to yell,

Visions are covered by thick haze of tears,

Can't see Him too well from here ,

From these dark layers of hell.

Deep from this hollowed ground,

I can hear the lingering voices ,

Shouting grieving just to hear a voice,

To be noticed our cries and anguishes.

But all were unheard and unseen.

Just no one dares to care nor feel,

The raging anguish of a dying soul,

Unending pleas of help and woes,

Just a pile of flesh for the ground to be feed ,

A raging creature on a dead ending.

© 2018 Miss Warp