A Great Collection of Short Love Poems for a Girl

Updated on November 4, 2016

A collection of short love poems for her, whom you adore. The story begins when a boy meets a girl and something happens. The boy wants to say something romantic to the girl. For the ages immemorial, boys have used love poems to show their love for a girl. If you are also pining to express your love in romantic lines, then here are some short poems.

I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

— Roy Croft

1. For Your Girlfriend

You gave light to my soul

You helped me to be whole

I have felt love for you before

And it will be more and more,

You are mine, my dear

You are the angel from above

Who taught me how to love.

Please, forever keep me near.

2. Love Is Like a Gossamer

Have you ever seen gossamer,

On a field full of yellow grass,

Where dragonflies swim over

The gentle breeze of summer?

Have you ever noticed

How tantalizing the gossamer is?

I know that true love is such

Once visible glittering on sunlight

And lo! It is vanished!

Do you know my love

That love between us

Is more visible than that?

3. Cute Poem for a Nice Girl

I know a girl who is better than strawberry.

She is farer than the grand white Fujiyama.

She is purer than the water of the wholly Suraj Tal

From where the stream of Chandra flows down

The gorgeous heights of the Himalayas.

She is the spring of joy to me,

Do you know the girl?

4. You Have Changed My Life

You have come to my life

And it changed with a blink of an eye

You have blown the roof

To let me see the blue sky.

I can praise you for a whole day

But my love for you so great

That I need many days to say.

5. For a Girl Who Is My Friend

This poem is for a girl who is my friend,

This lines are for a girl who till the end

Will be and remain my true friend,

Our friendship know no end;

You are my ever best friend,

Our friendship does not have an end.

6. The Girl Whom I Love

This is a short love poem for a girl

Whom I knew before I have no existence,

My soul was then in the nature,

Revolving with the earth’s revolution.

This my poem is for a girl,

Who is the angel of light

Send to the earth to fight

The monsters of loveless

Loneliness which were in me.

7. A Summerday Is Short

A summar’s day has too short a life,

The coral isles lost their beauty to the civilization,

The rose that blossoms lost all too soon,

The winding river that shines will be dry one day,

But my love for you oh girl

Will remain the same for ever.

8. Another Short Poem

Why did you increase the love in me

If you are going to leave me alone?

How will I make your heart pleased

By keeping it in my own mind?

My heart is unable to withstand the pain

It bleeds inside me.

9. A Too Short Poem

I want my love to always my side

From all the typhoons to hide.

Love ebbs and flows like a tide,

Come near me, stay on my side.

10. Your Eyes

The sweet glances from your eye

So mysterious and deep

Makes my heart to jump,

The smile on your thin lips

Make my head spin,

Without you I feel

I have nothing close to me.

11. Mark My Words

Oh girl, allow me to say

I have only wanted to stay

For my life with you,

The times of our love,

Will always be new

Mark my words, my dove!

An Indian Love Poem for a Girl

On that night, the night was moonlit,

The breeze of spring was colorful,

Everything seemed glorious

For getting you very close, my moon.

My mind was full of heavenly pleasure,

My life was full of songs and rhythms,

Your hands were in my hands,

What were you speaking mind knows!

Everything felt so good because of you,

Mind was under the shadow of mind,

That night was moonlit,

Everything felt so special.

Night comes and Night goes far away,

Can the mind forget that memory?

The old days have filled the mind

Love has become a beggar.

The incense mind burns alone,

That you, not you, not with me.

* Translated from Kishore Kumar's "Sei Rate Raat Chilo Purnima"

Bright Star by John Keats



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    • JaiAsahi23 profile image

      Jai Asahi 2 days ago

      What a words... real simple but shows much affection. Quite a short one but is filled with love and emotions.. awesome works.. this are priceless..

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      I like all the poems

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      sad in a god way

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      So Nice...

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      Shruti nighojkar 4 months ago

      I like all the poems, deeply meaning with lovely thoughts.

      All are set with description no little words left to blow the flowers of thoughts..It can be more effective if some new poetic words use here.

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      eliman998 5 months ago

      man im writing this doooooooooowwwwwwwwwn son


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      It should be little bit

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