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Pure Love stories.

Altaf is an college student who fall in love with girl of his dream. But the future of had something else for him that he didn't expect

love is great

Savage Love

You and I,
You and I, perhaps a coincidence,
met while I was exploring through.
Swiping left and right over choices,
Perhaps a fluke and a lucky right.
More of a choice than just a coincidence,
Perhaps I thought it was.
A fine blue moon night met you at a nook.
It had just been 10 minutes, but I knew,
It was forever already.
Because time flies, but not tenderness.
Every day I walked an extra mile,
Just to see you smile.
Perhaps you have never noticed.
I broke every family norm,
To meet you at 3 am.
Coz love was way stronger than fear.
You had the intention of a fleeting,
And I have always dreamt of forever.
I feel your soul every single time,
while I run my tips over your body.
You infuse serotonin. While touching my lips.
Perhaps I was just flesh and blood.
I Don't remember about the sheets,
But my mouth still smells of you.
The world was behind pale like snow,
But I chose you,
coz we were more than just a shade.
It's been a decade and still never fades.
Perhaps this may be the power of first love.
You were toxic to the immune system.
But still, I chose you...
I chose savage love,
Because what's love which doesn't hurt...
I prefer to die instead of life without you.
The words will be engraved on my tomb
me and my love perpetual...

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." — Robert A. Heinlein

© 2021 P Ali Altaf Khan

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