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The Breakup

My name is Sham Kumar Monger. I am a Bhutanese aspiring poet, novelist and essayist. As of now, I have published my three novels.

The Breakup

I know the sorrow--
I know how it lets pain
That no one ready to borrow
An' shan't work e'en making sain
I reminisce thy smiles
When I dream about thee
Tho' we may are afar miles
I brin' and smile at the past glee

Life with thine hast lots of mirth
Now am down to dump and lone
I pray one and pray all for birth
Of our affairs and where thou gone?
Am combing in the vain
Thou are nowhere to be seen
Thy comeliness yet lain
In my mone and where thou been?

Incalculable tears I had dropped
After infinite search and I wept
Tears dripped as blood and stopped
Nothing remained all were swept
Endless nighttide I spent in the dark
Waiting thee as and until am alive
Earthly pleasures all they nark
Nothing arouses but were glaive

Extreme pain I meant to endure
Heart pulsing but breath hath ceased
Inexplicable pain thou hast made to dure
Mine prayers and yearns all are deceased
O' angel where hast thou vanished?
Am morally down, suffering
Thou hast had me by means banished
From reaching thee and me dying

© 2018 Sham Kumar Monger

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