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Shakepeare's Poetry

Marshia has been a news writer in different websites before. She graduated BSED Major in English and Literature from Holy Name University.


Known for being a genius from Stratford

Oh, Shakespeare, your poetry is superb!

"All the world's a stage" depicts the seven ages of man

Excellent poem that reminds us our roles to everyone.

Oh, Shakespeare, your poetry is great!

Your masterpieces are inimitable like the sonnet.

Notable comparison of youth and old is pragmatical

This prevails in your poem, " A Madrigal."

A gem of thought speaks about the beauty of nature

It urged everyone to indulge in an adventure

A wonderful offer from the poem "A Fairy Song"

Come on explore and enjoy while playing the gong.

Fear no more for the Song of The Witches

Asking you to double, double your toil

Work hard and do not allow anybody to spoil

Oh, Shakespeare, your poetry is ageless

Above all your masterpieces are peerless!

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