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Deadly Virtues: Bill's Challenge

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


Summer is almost here. Each new season sparks a desire of change within me, but summer gives me the illusion of extra time. Somehow I always believe that I'll have more of it, an abundance if you will, to focus on writing. In reality, I'm just as busy during the summer as I am during the rest of the year.

One thing stands true about summer, though. I always feel this intense ambition to change. I devote time to rearranging my blog, cleaning up my social media, brainstorming new topic ideas, and write a bunch. I like to work ahead and give myself peace of mind.

I recently went through my second Instagram account, completely cleaning house while I figure out the exact purpose of it. This was an account I created specifically to share my writing. More specifically, poetry. As I started to get inspired by Bill's picture prompts and Brenda's word of the week, publishing my work here, I let the account fall to the wayside. I ended up archiving everything, screenshotting a few noteworthy pieces to my phone.

I'm particularly proud of the following two poems. True to my style, they're exactly what you'd expect of me; a unique take on a well-known theme. After I wrote about the seven deadly sins, I figured it was only fair to tackle the seven virtues.

While I wrote these two years ago, I think they are worthy contenders for Bill's final challenge. I hope you enjoy them.


Seven Part I

Pride taught me

to stick to my guns;

Gluttony handed me

balance on a silver platter.

Lust, swift and dangerous,

offered sweet temptations

while Envy lit a fire deep within,

fueling my drive.

Greed tried to extend its hand.

but always came up short.

Wrath clung tightly,

tearing at my seams

until Sloth quietly knocked on the door.


Seven Part II

Humility was my mask,

Chastity, my armor.

Charity, a thief in disguise,

betrayed my trust, but

it was Diligence who left me

stranded and alone.

Patience kept me waiting

while Temperance held me down,

and Kindness was the sword

who dealt the final blow.


© 2022 Alyssa

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