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Woman Empowerment

Alexandra is a spoken word poet in Edmonton, Alberta; she has been preforming her poetry since April 2016. Dreamer. Fighter. Survivor

Self Esteem Anthem

On the count of three, repeat after me. Take a deep sigh, stand; release.. slow your breathing and don't clench your teeth. 1,2,3...

I am willing,

I am capable,

I am enduring,

I am strong.

I am powerful,

I am resourceful,

& I can tell you exactly what's wrong.

I am a woman,

I am allowed to feel pain.

I can strip you off my skin,


Without an ounce of shame.

I have no desire,

To hear you try & change my mind,

I don't have time for your sweet talkin' lines,

Your pet names & your foolish games.

I swear to my grave,

You wont leave me dazed.

I can let you go,

I can let you be,

But I cant do so without giving all of me.

I am a woman,

I am free,

I don't need your added misery.

I am independent,

I am brave,

I am no pawn in any mans chess game.

You can't play me,

Not even strategically.

You cant sway me off my feet only using your hunger for me .

I can breathe fresh air,

Without thinking its unfair.

I can love you from a distance,

As far as I choose to bare.

I decide whats best for me,

In every situation that finds it's way before me.

I am my own voice,

I am my own choice.

I am my own decisions, & I wear them proudly.

You'll be dammed If I were to ever let a man,

Write my fate out in stained ink,

That I carry inside me.

Don't be alarmed,


Or afraid;

If you see me,

In any way.

I am not one for exchanges,

With any painful memories;

You may want to address or put to rest.

For I am minding my own business,

& I recommend you do the same.

There's no need for your apologies,

As well written as they may be.

Please do me a favor if you mean the words you're yet to speak,

Don't stop to think of me in the depths of your pity,

Frustration or greed.

Or when your surrounded by the loneliness that haunts you within your sheets.

For, I am not responsible

For the you

You chose to be.

I am not responsible for the aching wounds ive received.

I am not responsible for the absence growing inside of me.

I am responsible for filling the empty patches with seeds,

To weed out every word you've ever said,

To wash off every lie that clung to my skin that you forced me to b- ...breathe.

I am responsible for becoming everything' you've ever told me I wouldn't be.


'Some woman fear the fire, some woman simply become it."

— -anonymous

Concerns Over Sexual Harassment

statistics say...

1. 64% of Americans see sexual harassment as a problem in this country.
2. 88% of women have been harassed.
3. 79% of victims are women, 21% are men.
4. 27% experience harassment from a colleague.
5. 17% experienced harassment from a superior.
6. 12% received threats of termination if they did not comply with their requests.
7. 66.6% of victims were not aware of the workplace policies regarding sexual harassment.
8. 50.4% were not aware of what department or person should be contacted regarding the sexual harassment.
9. 1 in 3 women ages 18 to 34 has been sexually harassed at work.
10. 81% of women experience harassment in verbal form.

Some more info...