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Second Cry Of IDPS' Girl


Second Cry Of IDPS’ Girl

It was a grave day,

Listening, IDPS’ Damsel pitiful cry,

Sacrificed, left paradise;

Spending life in a fire,

For what? For the sake of peace.

Waiting long: even days past,

Innocents were crying,

No one knew what was going?

Old men and women are unable to walk.

It was June and Ramadan too.

Pregnancy lost, Shawls too,

The child was born in the car, no hospital,

Honour lost! Honour lost!

A woman threw her died ROSE,

The lap of helplessness,

Brave suicide himself.

Despite these all,

Rathe and an asylum to us:

Decried, Terrorists fused in them,

Not let them enter Panjab and Sindh,

She said, "Marh Ye Krm Par Ye Krm”.

Pashtuns stranded in the crossfire:

IDPS them, paradise lost of them,

Destroyed homes of them,

Masharan lost of them,

Bothers and sisters lost of them,

Father and mothers lost of them.

What left? For the sake of peace.

For the sake of the country.

Despite the appearance, what a joke!

What is a sacrifice at last?

She was sobbing,

What hope is left?

Everything is destroyed.

“We are devils, they are God and Angels”.

History recorded, it will never forgive them.

~Sana Ullah Wazir


© 2021 Sana Ullah Wazir2

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