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Trapped With Loneliness

I'm Sara, and I'm an amateur writer. I hope you'll like my songs. Have a great day and be happy. Don't forget, you're worth it!


Trapped with loneliness

Hello World,

maybe you don't recognize me,

because i change everyday,

I don't know what person i want to be.

My head is in big mess,

and i'm really stressed.

I don't know if i'm good or bad,

or happy or sad.

I'm always feeling discard.

In reality, i'm really scared,

and for new steps,

not prepared.

Where's everyone,

World tell me, please,

where's these kind people,

there's must be anyone

this loneliness,

it's like disease.

Please to something shone,

help me to be frees.

I want to meet new friends,

and friendship to understand.

I hope that for me,

it has happy end.

Now, i know what is my intend,

find someone,

who would be with you,

in good or bad,

never again be sad.

Be happy, be brightened.

© 2022 Sara Andrejić

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