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Find Your Own Happiness!

I'm Sara, and I'm an amateur writer. I hope you'll like my songs. Have a great day and be happy. Don't forget, you're worth it!

Find your own happiness

My mind tells me,

why don't you ask him for a walk,

If he's free.

Don't be so shy,

you won't lose anything,

If you try.

I know,

how your heart is pounding,

when he smiles at you,

and you become counfounding.

Come to him,

tell him what's on your heart,

you take first move,

if he's not.

It's very hard,

I know that,

but conversation must start.

You like him a lot,

admit it,

I see that with my own eyes,

when you see him,

that look lift your spirit.

For what i'll say now,

don't get me wrong,

I know that this is just a song,

but I want you to be happy,

everyday to smile,

not just because some guy,

but because other things in your life.

If he doesn't like you

in the way you like him,

never cry,

because you are special.

You standby,

and someone true will come,

handsome and kind,

someone who love you,

because who you are.

If such a guy show up,

keep him,

be smiling,

As long as you can,

try, even it lasts livespan.

I love you, my friend,

live a happy life,

and that is the end.

© 2022 Sara Andrejić