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The Saga of Pain

A writer, environmentalist, marketer and an Idealist. And mother to a cute pink nosed labrador.

Pain comes in different forms.

Sometimes it comes with tears,

Sometimes it comes with a scream.

But the worst pain is silent.

Your heart aches,

Your mind screams,

But your eyes stay dry!

Pain comes in different forms.

Sometimes it is hidden in a smile,

Sometimes it gets covered in a laugh.

But in the end,

No one can escape the pain!

So just accept it,

Embrace it!

And let the pain flow in your actions, words, tears, and laughter.

Don't hide the pain,

Don't run away from the pain.

Cause how much ever you run from the pain,

How much every you hide from it,

It will just multiply and cause more pain.

Pain comes in different forms.

Learn to embrace all forms of pain!

© 2022 Aarti Nair

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