Rise India

Updated on June 18, 2018

An innocent 8 year old

with two ponytails and a runny nose…

Kidnapped, drugged and brutally - repeatedly raped

raped in the premises of a temple, they say

temple of the Goddess of strength and protection...

and then stoned to death

by men the age of her brother, father and grandfather...


When Hindu Nationalist women, yes women

and men came out in support of the rapists

this rape, child rape was wrapped in communal colour

and murder mired in religious politics...

During this hour of National turmoil

head of the government of our country, hid in silence

then went all the way to London

to speak of pride, during his staged conference

While the opposition did come out in support

but only to play the blame game, perhaps for the future votes..

Shame ! My head hangs in shame!

insurmountable shame and disgust

and my heart sinks within me..


Why do voice of all the public protests go unheard?

Why do flames of the Candlelight vigil, die?

Why can’t we differentiate between wrong and right ?

Why can’t we, as a nation, for once unite?

Apathy, apathy of our system…

Police shows no interest until public outpour

dying justice mourns our crippled Judiciary

even the most distressing of issues is communalized

and in support of the culprits morally challenged people start an uproar

Slender hope of getting justice,

kills the rape survivors everyday

deceased rape victims look down from heaven in empathy

awaiting that one doomsday...


My beloved India,

How many Nirbhayas should sacrifice

for you to realize that you are not raising your men right ?

How many Asifas should die

for you to realize that your justice has become a mirage for women today ?

Rise India, rise..

have guts, guts to stand up for your daughter, sister, mother and wife...

let not your protests be confined,

confined to say for a week after the crime..

Show your anguish, show your rage

keep your fury for those who have done your women wrong

let not the flames of your fire die,

until a just, crime-free and a more human India is re-born


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    © 2018 ulkamahara


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