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Right Inside

what is tomorrow
a dream you have every day
how many times does it come true
just enough to wake up again
and get out of a warm bed

i'm still a human being
though i forget that sometimes
everything has to be just right
they depend on me all day
the night falls upon me the same

i can't find inspiration
it's a breeze or a bird i notice
that's when it starts
i stop thinking about mistakes
for as long as it lasts

art is not in charge of the world
it's just a welcome distraction
it's like a weekend getaway
then we remember why
truth makes grown men cry

i never know what is in store
i pray about it often
i only ask to be a good man
i know how hard it can be
does silence mean I'm on my own?

i can't wait for my next dream
nothing can touch it
not rejection not shame
it's who i really am
it's the only time i'm right inside

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