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Praise our sufferings both externally and internally, for they made us who we are.

— Shing Araya

Bless thy sufferings,
because of it,

I have known sacrifice.

thank thy pain

for it taught me how to move on.

Bless thy lies,
for it showed me the truth.
thank thy curses,
for it made me realize
that words are sharper than knives.

Bless thy broken hearts
for without it,
I'll never appreciate genuine love.
thank thy break-ups,
for I have known myself.

Bless thy tears,
for it built my strength.
thank thy bruises, cuts, and scars,
for it challenged
my emotions and capabilities.

Bless thy rain,
for it showered all living things,
quenched the thirst,
cleaned the mess,
and washed away the past.

Bless those who left,
for without them
I'll never be strong.
thank you for showing me,
that I am best on my own.

Bless those who broke,
the trust and
thrown away the relationship.
thank you for teaching me
how to ride along with life solo.

© 2019 Shing Araya