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Inner voice by Henn Kimm

Inner voice by Henn Kimm

'Woke up this morning with a bright idea
Maybe I'll stay forever right here'

Get to the other side believe me everything here's nice
Everything here's fly
Drink from the cup of youth and then maybe i'll die
Feeling like I've lived my life
Seen A to Z, the pretence that you trying to sell
Girls with father issues, men
With Mercedes Benz
Think they can
Stomp the world under their legs
Until it slips like water under the bridge
Shake you up from what you know to what it is
Now re-learn to which there is no end
Brother, you don't even know yourself
Or what you felt
Conviction that you trying to throw
Which I saw
The emptiness
It is hollow
Don't shy away from your feelings
From your sorrow
From what triggered that shit you blew off ceilings
Why you lashed out, blamed people
For your own weakness
What's in control is your mien
We have nothing on your reality
Find Gravity
Bring you back to life & all its tragedies
'Keep your eyes to the sky, never glued to your shoes'
Be a friend to yourself, a friend that you knew
But today you'll read this
And share it to show people
You've got control but underneath it
You're slipping, every second, every minute

So lie to yourself and do it so well

What's the point of getting out of bed

Maybe I'll stay forever static

The world for me is on a standstill

© 2019 W h o I s I


PoetikalyAnointed on February 01, 2019:

First off, the Illustration is Dope! Great job, Henn Kimm!

Secondly, can I hear an Amen! Oh girl, you are killin' it right now and I Love it!

I get it, I really do! This is exactly what my every abuser needs to see... themselves! But they dread it...run from it within the verbal and physical beatdowns! They ain't ready...

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