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A Love Poem and My Thoughts on Posting Poetry Dedicated to Past Loves

Justus is a freelancer, content writer and English teacher. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree and TESOL certificate in 2020.

Upon Parched Roots May Be My Oldest Poem

By where we used to lie, as light gently slipped through the bay windows

By where we used to lie, as light gently slipped through the bay windows

In The Beatles' song, "In My Life," Lennon Describes That Change Is Bittersweet

"There are places I'll remember all my life ... All these places have their moments with lovers and friends ... Some are dead and some are living.

— John Lennon (& The Beatles)

My Thoughts on Posting Old Love Poetry

  • Because I'm someone who writes poetry about whatever I'm most strongly feeling emotionally, I've accumulated a few poems that were once dedicated to old partners and friends. I'm fortunate, because every relationship that I've been in, has ended either amicably, or if not delicately (since most individuals have indeed experienced unpleasant breakups), just gracefully enough that in the end, separation was mutual. I'm hopeful that one day, I'll settle down with someone whose support and unconditional love for me, will mirror my own actions and feelings toward them. John Lennon sings in The Beatles song, "In My Life," that he will ". . . never lose affection for people and things that went before." Despite this, he expresses that his love for his partner is unlike anything he has ever once felt - a heartwarming sentiment for all, especially a hopeless romantic like me.

    With this in mind, I also think it's okay to post old, romantic literature, such as poems whose meanings may no longer hold the weight they once did. This is because art is a form of expression that should be shared and appreciated for its lasting value as something that can be interpreted. I believe that this is, of course, as long as no person is ever slandered or portrayed in an ill manner. I thus suggest that romantic literature be posted in good taste (though I am aware that what is in "good taste," is subjective). If something isn't, it has the potential to make things really awkward! Conversely, if a poem confesses a heartfelt emotion (even if the gesture isn't romantic), I understand that sometimes it mustn't be shared too soon, or perhaps ever.

    I am also reminded of how musicians sing popular songs in their discography with lyrics that were written long ago, and that do not apply to their current outlook or situation in life. Sometimes, the most requested music includes what musicians may no longer be comfortable playing and the most sought-after literature discusses subjects that the creator always was, once was or now is uncomfortable with. Regardless, I'm always proud of what I write and I hope to always share my work with others.

  • Upon Parched Roots was written sometime prior to 2017, and was later revisited and edited throughout the years. I hope you enjoy my poem!

Upon Parched Roots

by the bay, the light slips through the shades
as gentle as the way
this love has torn me from, such numb,
despondent days;

and as the two of us rest,
warm, only half-dressed,
I admit – we are blessed,
and that such affection is indeed best confessed;

for I’ve trudged, through thick sludge, and muck
(characteristic of my rotten heart)
in search for the remnants of a love once slaughtered:
but this is just a product of fate;

so now, it’s as I gaze into those cosmic, ardent eyes;
that I’d like for you to know,
that your gorgeous essence, captivating glow,
dealt wealth – upon these parched roots.

Simultaneously, within "In My Life," Lennon Sings That the Love We Have for Some Will Always Remain

"In my life, I've loved them all."

— John Lennon (& The Beatles)

© 2022 Justus Reinhardt

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