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Contemplative Free Verse Poetry About Seizing the Day

Justus is a freelancer, content writer and English teacher. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree and TESOL certificate in 2020.

Nielsen's Lyrics Within the Post-Hardcore Band, Senses Fail, Consistently Inspire Me

Devastated by shame; I was so entrenched in pain. I found that hell is the absence of loving self.

— James Nielsen

Taking Life One Day at a Time

In a 1954 interview with journalist, Ray Josephs, renowned poet, Robert Frost, declared, "In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on." I've learned that this is true of all life including my own (despite that sometimes we can all become negligent of what is going on around us).

Some things require certain timing but I'm learning to become increasingly open with my feelings and honest with myself. Acknowledging one's addictions and seeking help are the first steps toward recovery.

For instance, I've struggled with a binge-eating disorder for many years and it wasn't until recently that I've been able to admit that my problem is an extremely serious one. I'm still coping but will be having further conversations with my doctors.

Ultimately, however, I know that I am in control of my actions. I've always struggled to maintain a healthy weight and often have feelings of low self-worth because I typically don't feel that I am living a good life (or that I am even capable of maintaining a stable job or serious relationship).

While we all perceive worth differently, I know that happiness will be found within myself. I strongly agree with Theodore Roosevelt's statement that "comparison is the thief of joy."

I could harshly blame myself for not having done more to change my circumstances but I believe that it's best to learn from the past, not to linger on it. It's been a slow and arduous process, but I've made progress throughout the years and I'm proud of the person I am.

Despite knowing that there are things I need to work on, I'm proud of my accomplishments; I'm proud of the friends I have, the path I've chosen, and the life I live. Still, there is so much I'd like to achieve.

I know that if I do my best to take small steps forward while remaining positive, I will continue to make progress (and that you can do the same).

Transformed and Vulnerable

life doesn’t wait
(so participate).

apologize, compromise;
ostracized & unwise: struggle
through those despondent days.

life couldn’t wait
for me to lose weight

to drop the ice cream
for snapshots w/ Morrissey,
torments then transient

as time:
before I found faith
before you lost health

before we knew death
(so as Nielsen suggests);
sow your open chest

w/ seeds of love & ambition
so that you may one day be:
transformed and vulnerable.

Some Memories Last a Lifetime

In 2017, I met Ross Marquand (of The Walking Dead, Invincible, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe) at Rhode Island Comic Con with my best friend, Ryan

In 2017, I met Ross Marquand (of The Walking Dead, Invincible, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe) at Rhode Island Comic Con with my best friend, Ryan

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