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Sentimental, Free Verse Poetry About a Breakup with No Closure

Justus is a freelancer, content writer and English teacher. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree and TESOL certificate in 2020.

I've Always Found Beauty in Nature

Cherry blossoms are among my favorite flowers

Cherry blossoms are among my favorite flowers

Accepting Change Can Be Difficult

Nightmare of You was composed in my early twenties. However, I recently updated the composition to elaborate on the sentiment that there are some individuals who will stay with us – in our hearts and minds – for as long as we live.

It isn't always easy to accept the past or to move on. This can apply to any relationship or to any of life's situations. Yet I partially agree with the cliché saying that time heals all wounds. Scars are eventually formed and even the most difficult things tend to become easier to cope with in time.

I suffer from some unresolved trauma, as so many or perhaps literally all of us do. My nightmares and the dreams I wish I could never wake up from served as inspiration for this poem. Its content draws inspiration from multiple sources. Importantly, Nightmare of You reflects my state of mind at the time of its initial composition. In time, I've found closure and would never desire to portray any person in a negative manner. I'm truly proud of this piece.

Nightmare of You

she approached me in a dream
among prospering violet & evergreen

amidst the swaying cherry blossom
where I always envisioned us
to be;

the scent of her
lightly freckled porcelain skin
was just as I remembered.

she kissed me on the cheek
with tender, gloss covered lips
before resting her head
on my shoulder.

I felt anxious as I knew I would
for she glistened under the splendor of her bright blues.

I admitted that I had been thinking of her too
but a ghost’s words are seldom true;
a siren’s eyes are never the brightest blue.

yet still would I
rather die with you

with hands entwined
& the taste of your
saccharine sweet
vanilla perfume

than face reality.

I can’t do this on my own.
oh lover, please don’t go.
I need you to feel (alone).

Rock Band, Nightmare of You, Served as Inspiration for My Poem and Its Title

"Oh, what a pair of eyes! Sadder than blue. Richer than blood. Deeper than truth. I cursed. I prayed. I prayed, and then I cursed some more."

— Brandon Reilly (of Nightmare of You and The Movielife)

© 2022 Justus Reinhardt

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