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Personal Poetry About Compassion, Love and the Russia-Ukraine War

Justus is a freelancer, content writer and English teacher. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree and TESOL certificate in 2020.

Love May Overcome Even the Greatest of Odds, but in War, All Are Affected

A child heartbreakingly affected by war

A child heartbreakingly affected by war

Love's Endurance was Inspired by the Notion that the World Would be a Better Place if We Could All Open Our Hearts to Compassion

"Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die."

— Herbert Hoover

Love Possesses the Power to Overcome Hatred and Adversity

  • As a young man, I was much less appreciative of the love and support that I received from my family and friends. As I've grown older, however, I've come to realize that so much more can be accomplished with the help of others. In my life, I've been blessed, because my grandmother (who my family affectionately refers to as Ma), has taken me under her wing by having always provided for me. Both Ma, and my grandfather, Papa, have not only protected me during my best and worst of times, while encouraging me to live my life to the fullest, but have guided me through all the challenges of living an adult life.

    Furthermore, there are other close family members, and even friends, who I wholeheartedly know I can rely on, and who have never let me down (despite life's ups and downs). I've known many of these friends for over 15 years. That's also why I'm a firm believer that blood doesn't necessarily run thicker than water. Love will always possess the power to overcome hatred and adversity, but unfortunately, hatred and adversity will always exist in this world. What constitutes good ethics is subjective, and many have opposing views, but as long as some are unwilling to truly open their heart to empathy, violence and aggression will persist.

    I have the utmost respect for the United States military and for those who risk their lives to protect those they love: to support an honorable cause that they truly believe in. Yet the word, "honorable," in any context, is subjective and means different things to others whose values differ (either slightly or greatly). Without getting too deeply into politics, I simply wish that there was no war and that the universal language of love and compassion could have a universal effect on the human population. If that were the case, however, we may just be living in an ideal world - and no person, or at least no person I know, ever said life was easy.

    If it weren't for those in my life who had stood by me through the good and the bad, I would have lost touch with reality along the way. I've lived through hardship, as so many of us have, and would naturally be devastated if I were to lose a loved one; in this way, I can truly empathize with those being affected by the Russo-Ukrainian War. I can barely fathom how some have such little regard for human life, or for life at all. Right now, I am privileged because I am safe, at home, and writing this article - but at times like these, I too worry for the future.

  • Guardian Angel was written in the spring of 2021.
  • Love's Endurance was written in the winter of 2022.

Love's Endurance

Even in Death, was it enough?
Love: as delusion disables
and countries collapse.

Yes, sometimes, it’s just
enough: Love (as young ones
grow, and people pass);

for we possess, what they
inherently lack (embracing
God’s devotion), even as guns
and graves and contracts and
pacts, like Hatred: entrap.

Yet nonetheless, I tend to ask:
"Should Love, in times of War
and famine and sickness and
Death, be confessed
by the earth’s unjust

and oppressed?" (Of course, yes).
For if care and compassion
could steer the callous
from their wicked
and disreputable path:

Peace may govern
in glorious splendor,
forever (and at last).

Guardian Angel

Dear Ma,

thank you for your love:
unconditional and true,
and thank you
for all that you do,
for me, for those around you.

through sickness and misery,
sheltered beneath your wings:
your love transcends their notions,
and with an open heart's courage,
fuels our motions.


To Love Unconditionally is to Love through the Best and Worst of Times

Ma will always be my guardian angel

Ma will always be my guardian angel

War Has No True Winners

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

— Albert Einstein

© 2022 Justus Reinhardt

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