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The Color of Labels


Feel Their Pain

As long as "they" are aliens,

As long as "they" are Illegals,

"We" can do anything to "them" without conscience.

"We" can rip "their" children away.

"We" can watch "them" die in the desert.

"We" can cage "their" children.

The Victim becomes the criminal.

Words like murderer, rapist, animal, infest, infiltrate, siege and breed,

Dehumanize "Them,"

Dehumanize "Us."

"They" are not seen as people,

Once "they" are seen as people,

Once "we" are seen as people,

"We" could be "your" children,

your sister,

your brother.

Once "we" are seen as people,

"We" may be able to earn "your" empathy.

Then, maybe, "we" can feel "their" pain.

© 2018 Raul Sierra Jr


FlourishAnyway from USA on June 21, 2018:

What is happening now is dark and evil. It is unimaginable that this is America. What have we become? I’m so disgusted at our president. Your poem is powerful and emotional. Keep writing.

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