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Rajivs Poetry Collections

what is life all about?

Can there be light in the darkness?

The beauty in darkness

Oh how i love these corners!

Cos’ a bunch of emotions are filled within.

the depths of the souls are felt.

and the crying hearts are heard.

Oh how i love every inch of it are visibly not visible!

Yet the body loves the sleep in it.

Where life is lifeless.

But full of peace and has no tense.

Where silence can make you deaf.

And the noise can silence you.

Its where you mask the truth.

And unmask your lies.

A space for a dancing freedom.

And studio of a singing joy.

You can cry without seeing your tears.

And laugh within your laughter.

I love this world! where i call myself a king.

Where you can control everything.

I maybe alone but never lonely.

For i love this darkness and its beauty.

© 2020 rajiv adrie

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