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rainy clouds

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Rainy Clouds
Happiness and enjoyment have evaporated.
Leaving only a rainy cloud over my head.
Over the years words were carved into the flesh.
I take a glance in the mirror.
To memorize every phrase that has been said.
collapsed to the floor.
yanking the hair from the scalp.
As my pupils double in size.
Why is your head different,
Like a mountain terrain?
With a swiggly line scar.
Leading to treasure on the map.
Your speech impediment.
Makes you look incompetent.
Can you even talk without.
Moving your hand close to your chin?
Go Dye drangle from that rainy cloud above your head.
Hello now that I got your attention.
Let me be the first to welcome you.
To the death loop paradox.
The insecurities deep inside your head.

© 2022 Cory