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A Quilted Heart

An English language teacher who loves the combination of coffee, biscuits and poetry.


A Quilted Heart

Sometimes I would like to believe

That those feelings were true

A part of me tries to retrieve

The memories that I had seeped through.

As I fiercely rummage through the past,

I pick up shattered fragments

Of short-lived moments that I have amassed

Into a mirage of hopeless excitements;

For once being the love-stricken Juliet

And unknowingly flinging my heart

Towards a Romeo whose knife he whets

To tear her transient dreams apart.

Yet, little did he know that that delicate Juliet

Would weave from those shreds a heart,

Indomitable in the face of many threats,

For she has become the female Bonaparte;

Who will not be satisfied to settle for less,

And instead will strive to gain

What I deserve, and for that I shall egress

The love which left many insane.

And here before the world I stand

To declare my victory

In achieving what many perceive as grand

Starting with my own liberty;

From love and anything that holds me down

From soaring with my dream,

Starting with my pen, which I hold like a crown

Over my head, of my own heart, a Queen.

© 2020 WinterJay