Updated on March 3, 2018

' If i were a bird'

I'm dreaming in early morning

That i'm a little bird

I've got little wings

My mother wants me to fly

I'm scared but excited

I'm worried but happy

When i first spread my wings in air

Mother flies with her big wings

Behind her,i'm flying with my small wings

Suddenly , i can't fly

'Cause of air flow

I feel that's my last moment

My heart is throbbling this moment

But mother holds me

I feel i've new life

Now ,i can fly everywhere

'Cause i 've broken the glass of shyness

And now i'm a free bird

But i still want more

I want everyone to know that i'm special

I'm not like others

I'm different

But the sky is ful of strangers

And i want to be a hero

But i can't express my feelings

'Cause i'm a little bird

Suddenly ,light of sun breaks my dream

And now i think ,

Wishing to be a bird it's just an excited dream

It's good ,what i'm

It's adorable what i've


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