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Why am I here?


I once was lost, but now am found. I was so confused, was full of doubt. Now I have peace and joy. I just want to shout it all out. I had no identity, but now I have every God-given opportunity. Along the way, the enemy tries to bring me down. Feeding me with lies, but he will not have life's crown. The more I strive, the more I depend on God to drive. I have stumbled. I have fallen. Such an unworthy person He has chosen. His only Son He gave, so that I might be saved because I have sinned and fallen short. His Grace cannot be bought. A precious gift He has given for my sins to be forgiven. I once had so much self-pity. I played a victim, was always weary. What He did for me in the hill of Calvary is an act of Love to set me free. Looking around, it is only in Him I have truly found peace, joy, hope, most especially my Home. – A.C. Zuñiga

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Reformed Eve from USA on February 15, 2020:

This was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Just the word grace - He died so that we may Live. Life is hard, times get so, so difficult, but in the end, Jesus wins. He wins over darkness, over tough times, over demons. He wins, and so will you.

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