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Protect You

Charlene is a quiet and reserved person who finds it easier to express herself through writing than through talking.

Whenever you bring up
your past,
whenever you open up
about your mental and
physical agony,
I feel the strong,
intense need
to protect you.

To protect you
in my arms.
To protect you
with a hug.
To protect you
from any harm.
And to make you
feel safe.

Because I can’t stop thinking
about the pain
you undergo.
I can’t stop thinking
about your lack of
physical affection.
You deserve compassion.
You deserve to be happy.

I want to see
the look on your face
when I protect you
with an embrace.
You are worthy
of a good life.
You deserve
to heal.

I wish to collect
all your pain and worries
just so you can
walk again.
I wish there was medicine
for you to take
just so you can
feel free.

© 2022 Charlene H

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