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POV: You Gave Me a Compliment

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

Count to infinite while I kiss all of your worries away.

Was that too strong? Sorry. Typical me.

Don’t go, don’t go.

I haven’t even told you I love you yet.

We will get to it though, just be patient.

Let me start with my name.

My name is Ciel. It means “sky” in French, but that doesn’t matter right now.

What does matter is how beautiful you are. I’m


Still too strong? I’ll reel it back. I’ll reel it back.

I don’t love you yet. I promise. I did love this pianist once.

Their song is lost on me, but I remember they captured eloquence at its finest form.

I also remember wanting to be those piano keys so bad, just to feel how

soft their touch is.

I dreamed about us vacaying to Cote d’Ivoire, as we bathed in the sunlight.

I would have worn my finest bathing suit.

I have these short black ones that make my rear end look phenomenal.

You should come see it sometime. You see this outfit? I wore it just for you. Swear.

I knew I’d find you today. It was written in the stars. Our souls were destined to meet.

Ugh, life is so difficult right now.

I’m just a sick puppy looking for a home filled with love.

I’m just a caged bird praying for a partner to fly with.

I’m just a drowning fish.

I’m just a drowning fish.

I’m just a drowning fish.

I’m drowning.

Can you save me? Here, you’re a lifeguard now.

Come to me lifeguard, save my withering body.

Use your strong hands and press down on my chest.

Yes, to the beat of the song, just like that, just like that, just like that.

I knew you’d be a great lifeguard. Now, the fun part.

Press your warm lips against mine and fill me with your air.

Fill me up like I’m a balloon, and let’s fly away and get out of here.

How about dinner?

It’ll be on me. You say you’re not hungry? That’s fine, that’s fine. We can rain check, no biggie.

I’m just tired of being alone. I want to be held like the cute, loving teddy bear that I am,

but instead I’m isolated in a sad room listening to music and reading.

What’s your favorite Frank Ocean song?

Mine is Self Control.

What’s your favorite literary device?

Mine is irony.

I think…I think I

love you.

I do, I do. I don’t know what it is.

Maybe it’s your gorgeous eyes, or your starstrucking smile.

I don’t know. All I know is that I want to be with you forever and

ever and

ever and ever and

ever and ever and ever and

ever and ever and ever and ever and…

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