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Farmer Suicide

Oh dear God! not again, this year it must rain

The wind is dry so is the sky

soil is thirsty , does god has some mercy?

sitting in the noon on his land

watches for the clouds and blocks the sun

with his fragile, shaky, and thin hands

There is water said the government

people went to search for it,

in the area which was drought hit

they were true we found the water,

not in the well, not in the canal

not inside the land, even not in the skies

it was there in the farmer’s eyes

but that was not enough

for the cattle and to grow his rice

he asked media to cover his plight

wanted to come in news and give his insight

that he is debt ridden, has no money to repay

nothing to eat and no shelter for the night

time passed and no one paid attention

they were busy in reporting celebrities

and the people who wear white

finally he made to the news in a big morning daily

with a bold headline he came into the light

“In Maharashtra one more farmer commits suicide”

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