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A Traveler's Heart

Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.


Travelling a long journey alone

I thought would ease the pain

And never be lone

As I was being drain

I've traveled quite long

Even so, could not see the light

I've tried to feel the hymn of the song

Even so, could not understand the sight

Travelling from place to place

Seeking for comfort in vain

As I look for that place

Nothing could I gain

Trying again and again

But couldn't resist the memories

Memories I should leave in lane

But couldn't, because of weight it carries

I've tried to forget you in my journey

But you hunt me in my dreams

I've tried not to be lonely

But you drag me down to trims

When will I ever see

The wonders I've been travelling

As deep as the ocean and sea

Thoughts are so deep I've been telling

© 2017 Dens Yang

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