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A Humorous Poem about my Sisters' trickster Horse.

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My sister has a horse,
named star of course,
star is full of tricks,
but she never kicks.

Chase her for an hour,
she has the power,
walk under a tree,
the branch I never see.

She takes off when I mount her,
at gymkhana, she doesn't err,
she wins lots of novelties,
which is her specialty.,

She sucks air under the saddle,
my sister uses her foot to paddle,
over a jump, she veers to the right,
my falling off is quite a sight.


About Star

When I was 12 my sister came home saying she had been given a gift. My mother told her to bring it in so we could see it. She went back out and I could hear this clomp, clomp, clomp coming through the kitchen. It was Star. I thought this is no ordinary horse, the ease with which she walked in. Star was a very smart horse. One time I was riding her home when I saw a farmer trying to herd sheep through a gate. He asked me to stand with the horse on the other side of the gate. The sheep weren't in a cooperative mood. Star clicked on to what we were doing immediately and began herding the sheep like a quarter horse. Star had a long life and was with my sister to the end. I'll never forget her, she was the best horse I ever got on.