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A Poem about Recycling.

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On the bench in our kitchen,
is a small white plastic bin,
it came with chocolate ice cream in,
we put scraps and tea bags in.

Outside is a big green recycle bin,
we put steel, plastic, and paper in,
we also put glass jars in,
all but broken glass goes in.

Out the front is a small green rubbish bin,
we put machines and nappies in,
we also empty ashtrays in,
all that doesn't go in the recycle bin.

In the yard is a big black compost bin,
where big red worms grow in,
we put snails and dead birds in,
and all from the small white plastic bin.

Outside is a big green waste bin,
we put lots of lawn clippings in,
everything we prune goes in,
in the big green waste bin.

Out goes the big green recycle bin,
out goes the big green waste bin,
all but the big black compost bin,
out with the small green rubbish bin.

Rubbish bin, recycle bin and green waste bin

Rubbish bin, recycle bin and green waste bin

My Recycling Activities

Since the local council started it's recycling program, I rarely put out mt rubbish bin.Between the recycling bin and the compost bin, not much goes out as rubbish. There's a lot you can't put in the recycle bin, such as plastic wrapping. You can take these and all soft plastic to most supermarkets, where they will arrange to have it recycled.I have had the recycle bin for 20 years and have only emptied it once. The other bins are supplied free by the local council, although I had to paay for a second recycle bin.

I feel good about my recycling, it's good for the environment, it's good for wildlife and it creates jobs. I don't mind putting in an effort, I'm always going through the bins sorting the rubbish, my brother used to call me the "recycle police". Recycling has a big impact on pollution. If we all do our bit we can change the future for the planet and our children.


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