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Possession: Brenda Arledge Poetry Prompt Response Weeks 37 and 41

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


Good evening! A storm is brewing. What better time to invite words to flow? This is a short piece that I think covers two of Brenda's prompts: Experiment and Shopping.

As always, a big thank you to Brenda.



Neon letters

brighten the path

elicit a chuckle

in the back of this throat.

Smiles don't quite

reach the eyes

perfectly coiffed hair

is just a tad too tight.

The hunt continues,

but the words linger

in the back of my mind.

Sharp noises

pierce these ears

movement rendered impossible

worn pages lay on a table

the same letters

etched in black.

Oh no, this won't do at all.

Onward the search.

Darkness devours

panic seeps in

little oxygen left

a rancid taste

as the carvings come alive.

A haunting shadow

ready to collect.


© 2021 Alyssa