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Sand: Brenda Arledge Poetry Prompt Response 48

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Shoveling snow left me with an achy body and an abundance of sass. Add to that my successful first attempt at Brioche in my new breadmaker (review to come) and I'm feeling unstoppable. No one person should have all this power. haha!

I came up with a little something for Sand, Brenda's theme for week 48. I didn't know how I felt about the piece and wanted to explore the theme more. Sand is the perfect amount mysterious, mystical, and summery. Like all the prompts, there is just so much that can be done.

So, I have a little treat for you all today. A trifecta of poetry, if you will.

A big thank you to Brenda!



pt. 1

"You're so beautiful,"

he said,

hands in my hair.

I never wanted it to end.

"Is this love?"

I asked,

staring up at the moon

waiting in silence

for answer that never came.

I don't think he knew

but maybe he did

the spell he cast

a comforting threat

held me tight

I couldn't let go.

Now the ground is shaking

sand is falling

and I'm about to slip through

as my grip tightens

I feel his give slack

my hand slides down

letting go, he stands

watching as I disappear.


pt. 2

watching memories

slipping through my fingertips

hourglass of life.


pt. 3

Don't worry,

I know you're not.

Still breathing;



Does it make you angry?

It never turned out

the way you described

what a disappointment.

Six feet under,


a show of tears

always more your style.

I jumped off

the high rise,

your expectations

doused the bridge

in gasoline

threw the match

smirk reflected in the smoke.

Common sense

ain't so common,

but maybe those words

filling my head

did some good after all.

Don't worry

I know you are

captured the attention

released it,


flipped the glass

your sand's almost out.


© 2022 Alyssa

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