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Strength: Brenda Arledge Poetry Prompt Response 36

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


Hello again. Recently I decided to sit down with Brenda's prompts and see what happened. As I allow the chemicals to soak in to my hair, restoring my vibrant red hue, I managed to get words to flow. I'm still playing catch up with all the prompts, but hey, you can't rush a masterpiece, right? haha!

I love the first few lines of this one. They've been sitting in my notes app for about a month. I'm pleased with where this one took me. What a ride! As always, a big thank you to Brenda for these prompts.



I'll sew your lies

into my veins

wear them as armor.

There's nothing a smile can't fix.

Don't hold out hope

rid yourself of expectations

because, you see,

I'm only good at disappointment

and yours makes the finest cloak.

Oh, what's that?

You thought I would break

didn't you realize

I was holding a match?

All those years

I learned from the best

took what was needed

let go of the rest.

Fear makes the prettiest flame.

Thrust out the door

standing alone





It's quite alright.

Winners and losers

survival, the prize.

Can you look in the mirror?

It's only a game.

But my fire keeps me warm

and yours has burned out.


© 2021 Alyssa

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