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Clouds: Brenda Arledge Poetry Prompt Response 30

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


Happy Thursday everyone! Sometimes you just have to tell yourself you're going to get something done, and then get to work. So it was this afternoon with my response to Clouds. I had an unusual idea and I wanted to do it right. This was something I was pretty excited about, something new, something creative, and I just ran with it.

I think this is my longest yet at 599 words, more a story in poem format, than a poem itself. I hope you enjoy the narrative.

Thank you for these prompts Brenda!



A quiet rap on the door

gave me pause

who could it be?

I debated on hiding out

pretending I wasn't home;

My usual schtick, but you see

curiosity grasped me firmly by the hand.

Before hello could escape my lips

the eccentric little gentleman extended his hand,

"Good morning ma'am. Would you like to buy a cloud?"

I was startled, to say the least.

With his bushy white beard and gunslinger mustache,

standing on my porch in his navy blue suit,

I thought I was gazing at a cartoon character come to life.

Quickly collecting myself, I accepted his hand

"I'm sorry, Mr. ...?"

He chuckled with a gleam in his eye

"Oh dear, I think I got ahead of myself,

I get so excited about clouds, you understand.

I'm Mr. Alburon Nimbus, népho extraordinaire!

Would you like to buy a cloud?"


With a flick of his hand

an old, brown leather briefcase appeared.

Setting it on my table, he unlatched the antique lock

peered down with a frown on his brow

rummaging through, he stood tall and smiled.

"Of course, I have all the familiars

Cumulus, to snuggle and squeeze;

Cirrus, a delicate wrap

you can fashionably display around your shoulders;

and Stratus.."

he leaned in with a whisper,

"for those darker days."

Each he proudly presented

in front of my eyes,

gesturing for me to try.

I looked around

wondering if my neighbors

were seeing this fantastical sight.

"Well, Mr. Nimbus,"

I said politely,

"this is certainly an experience.

I've always wanted to touch a cloud.

This Cumulus is everything I've always imagined,

soft and plushy,

but whatever would I do with such a thing?

I'd be setting a trend with the Cirrus

for sure,"

I proclaimed as I pulled it around me

and twirled there in the doorway.

Handing it back, I started to say

thank you and bid him adieu..


"That's quite alright, my dear,"

he chuckled with a wave of his arm.

The clouds dissolved in front of my eyes

and what appeared in their place

was a dazzling sight!

"Oh I knew you'd want to see

these beauties I save

for the most elegant

and astute customers,"

he proudly acclaimed.

"Here I have the famous

silver lining,"

he explained, pointing to a thin, shimmery ribbon

waving in the air,

"for those times when you desperately need

a reminder

that there is, indeed, good in this world.

Now this one,"

he said, running his hand along the bottom,

"is my most famous of all!

The Purple Cloud needs no introduction,

I'm sure,

brilliant, one-of-a-kind, pure majesty!"

And once again, leaning in he whispered,

"A talent, incredibly rare."


Impressed and charmed,

I didn't know what to say.

I seemed to have lost my voice,

my propensity for manners.

Mr. Nimbus smiled,

a gleam in his eye,

"Well, my dear, I must be going,"

he explained as the colors dissipated,

the briefcase clicking shut

appearing in his left hand.

"You've been a most gracious host."

And with a tip of his hat he was gone.

I stood there,


in wonder,

contemplating all that had happened.

What had happened?

What had I just seen?

Had I heard correctly?

Did that actually occur

here on my porch?

Closing my eyes

shaking my head

I heard footsteps.

"How are you?"

My neighbor called with a wave

as he got in his car.

Pulling me out of my reverie,

I threw my arm up in greeting

and turned to head back inside.

"But wait,"

I whispered,

"I never had the chance to purchase a cloud!"


© 2021 Alyssa

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