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Today: Brenda Arledge Poetry Prompt Response Week 12

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


Well hello there. Isn't it funny how we plan and plan, yet life presents us with unexpected challenges? Aside from working on other writings, wrapping up May obligations and such, I've been dealing with a bit of back pain. I don't know what happened, but I woke up Monday feeling like I'd been hit by a Mack truck. In true Alyssa style, I powered through it, relying on my tried and true methods to carry me through my daily tasks. We recently bought a tent and my family was set on camping out. I'm proud to report that I did, in fact, assemble that tent, my first time ever doing so I might add. It took everything out of me though. Yesterday I spent a good majority of my time taking breaks, laying on the floor to do my movements with tears streaming down my face. That's not like me at all. But today I woke up with a different mindset, more like myself. I was tired of my moping and sought out the root of my problem, a muscle tightness issue. Go figure. As of this evening, I'm back to 50%. I'm feeling better and more optimistic. I was even dancing around while doing my chores.

Anyway, while doing the dishes I set my mind on finishing this poem, and that's exactly what I did. Stay tuned because I have something special in mind for the following two prompts. I should have that up in a couple of days.

As always, a big thank you to Brenda for these prompts. I love having a theme when I'm working on my creative writing.



Who could conceive

The Truth of what lays beyond?

The future is now

Heaven is Earth

and the evil surrounding us

is the Hell we create.

But Paradise can be found

here in the moments

where you least expect them:

A vibrant sunrise;

That first sip of savory, caffeinated goodness;

Unexpected kindness;

Smiles shared between strangers.

All and more

is ours to give,

ours to take.

Beyond the Dogma,

Past preconceived notions

of differences.

For at our core,

in our hearts,

are we not the same?


© 2021 Alyssa

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