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Pirates of Death

A passionate poet, I try capturing the current goings around the world through verses. Poetry is my vent for all things I feel deeply.


Pirates of Death

The pirates of life knocked again,

Stood by till the people in their last moments,

Were yet to give in to their pain.

It was only five Earth minutes ago,

These pirates of life uploaded a truck full of souls,

Devastated by life so much that death seemed,

Like a comforting quilt to a homeless beggar,

On a wintery night.

The pirates of life knew they would be needed,

No sooner than they deliver this consignment,

So they decided to take a break,

Have a cup of chai, some biscuits maybe,

Sit somewhere people aren't suffering,

And stretch their legs as they sip their tea,

While sighing about the scenario unfolding.

But there were no benches vacant,

For the pirates to sit, stretch, or sigh.

So forced they were to stand with the sizzling cup,

Unmindful of the growing number,

Of unread emails,

Adding tasks after tasks to their calendar.

Finishing their chai to their heart's content,

They found the bin to throw their used cups,

Were overflowing with human bodies,

Unknown to them, when they were lost in the merriment,

The Virus had grown, like an overvalued start-up,

Becoming deadlier, expanding exponentially.

Unable to bear the stress of the job,

The pirates of death resigned.

© 2021 Debayan Ganguly

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