Poetry About Nature

Updated on April 8, 2018
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Jann Allen Arud has been reading and writing poems for so many years. His works are mostly inspired by experience and nature.

natures reclaim

tears of glimmery lights,
shed amidst restless seas
of boundless filthy minds,
by stars relentless crying.

kaleidoscopic notes flow,
mending bloodless wounds
of streambeds dry and dusty,
gorged by remnants of life.

melodic breaths whispering,
through walls of mountains,
rekindling hopes wilted
of forests, wilds and flowers.

the king reclaims its empire
from slaves heedless vagabonds,
blinded by crystallized light,
dull, dreary and unpromising.

© 2018 Jann Allen Tomino Arud


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    • Jann Allen profile image

      Jann Allen Tomino Arud 13 days ago from La trinidad

      thank you for dropping by.

    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 13 days ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Nice flow and organization.