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Poetic Version- Feelings Affection in Soul

Feelings affection in soul

A known person has known by my heart
when I felt that he is within the walls of my heart
the feelings of moment won't be predicted now by my heart
a seamless wonder happened where mouth shut by my heart

A person becomes the best friend, arrived like an angel
waiting the whole day, for the night, when I communicate with my angel
days flow the time, each day new bond, new life seems with an angel
conversations turned into a story, and laughter begins with an angel

having no clue, neither nor hint, the beautiful ways of love to appear
affection with someone, friendship heart pour ways of love to appear
warm like in winter, certitude in life, got some views as ways of love to appear
comity words with honest expression, trustworthy ways of love to appear

Protracted time took on the way, settling the thoughts of my own
yes no yes no begins for a few months, finally yes for thoughts of my own
stretched all words for my love, speculation in the heart, that it will be infinity for him and my own
assuming the proposal was from his own wish, listened shockingly
a big no after one month for my own

He made me confused, what blunder, I did in his life
no answers he went ahead with his new phase of life
begging and crying haven't melted his core heart for a while
a new beginning for him stood in front of me he ruffles for his life

two months after he started his affection, and so sorry was his words
begin to show care and night conversations again his love arrived with words
instead of saying move out from here, again a true love melted in heart and showed with words
yes new inception for an eventual mount in my thoughts and expressed in words

now after new beginning a happier one year punch the clock
everything surrounded by me, pop up with happiness
it's okay to be grounded in love my dear
as on correct time period, a wondering has happened

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