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I Am Strong

Sheila is a recovering addict who comes from a family full of addicts. She also suffers from mental illness & she has endured a lot.

I am Human

I'm a Woman....I am strong.
I'm a Mother... I love and worry deeply
I'm a Drug Addict....I hurt badly
I'm human.... I make mistakes

I'm Strong... I fight hard
I love and worry deeply.... I care
I hurt badly.... I have scars
I make mistakes.... I'm far from perfection

I fight hard... I'm human
I care... I'm human
I have scars... I'm human
I'm far from perfection.. I'm human

I love my three amazing sons with all my ❤


What doesnt kill us makes us stronger

It's true. It may not always feel like it, but hard times really do make us stronger in the long run, after we get to the other side. I am learning that dealing with past trauma, loss, abuse etc. is very important. Thete is a difference between becoming stronger from making it through tough times in a healthy way and just "stuffing" the pain.. What I mean by stuffing, is avoiding talking about and dealing with our feelings... Some people think doing this makes them tough, but it actually makes them weaker because they are carrying around unresolved issues that affect them subconsciously.

This is an amazing photo I took of my newborn baby Elias grasping my oldest son Gavin's thumb... This picture speaks volumes.


I gotta keep on smiling...



Charlie Halliday from Scotland on December 18, 2019:

Straight from the heart Sheila. You are heading in the right direction and an inspiration to others

Sheila A Myers (author) from Elmira on October 04, 2019:

Eric, You are so sweet... Thank you so much for your kind words.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 06, 2019:

Fantastic and thank you for giving up your heart in this way. Now a man I knew who had some addictions told me this "Addiction is the best medicine if you make it out the other side". Now the pain and battle and hurtles are so brutal it is just amazing when one survives and then contributes to others. You are now one of my heroes. (Oops that was me who said that ;-)

Sheila A Myers (author) from Elmira on September 05, 2019:

Awww Ioannis, you are so very sweet! I just love this.. Being able to share our thoughts, wisdom and experiences with each other is wonderful!! It is starting to help my depression a bit... Kinda see some light through the cracks...

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on September 05, 2019:

What a powerful and amazing poem! Thank you for sharing it, because it's a great lesson for all of us and food for thought for my students!

You have my respect, my Love and my prayers!


Kari Poulsen from Ohio on September 05, 2019:

I am human . . . What a powerful statement. I am human also, with hurts and scars and worries. We are human. Thank you!

Adnan from Earth, Universe on September 05, 2019:

And that certainly is the essence of being a human...it is human to have flaws...for no one was built to a choice of one's design...and it's human too...to make those flaws your strength...Life is long and there's much to learn...learn from even the minutest of things...the verse really had a very strong message to convey...and if we understand its importance...it will make our lives sublime...a nice write..Thanks for sharing...! And I wish you all the very best Sheila for your future endeavours...stay strong..!!

~ respectfully, Adnan..

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