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It's Monday, Oh No, Not Again!

Fredrick is a professional tech blogger and content developer. He writes articles for his blogs and edits content bought on freelance sites.

Poem about Monday, Days of the Week

Poem about Monday, Days of the Week

Last week I went through a strain

And here comes Monday again

Any my energy is yet to regain

Mondays are just another drain

Waking up is full of reluctance and stress

I even don’t have energy to dress

But how am I going to impress?

Mondays are just not bliss

At the workplace, it’s hard to concentrate

Only thinking about how to rejuvenate

But the boss is here to administrate

Mondays are just irate

At noon, you get some happiness

It's lunch time, but it’s filled with bitterness

Because there are working hours ahead and a lot of unfairness

Mondays are just characterized by laziness

Evening is here and the office is closing

Time to put a full stop to what you’re doing

But were you doing anything?

Mondays can sometimes be uninspiring

On your way home, you are in deep thoughts

And it makes it harder if you live on the outskirts

Because the journey will be full of traffic and of course car hoots

Mondays are just full of upsets

You get home and that makes it a little bit ease

But that hangover doesn’t please

Even if you grab a drink or some cheese

Mondays are just a malaise

Mondays are bad for almost everyone

And it’s a day you have to go through, you can’t postpone

Your brain is foggy and it’s better to spend the time alone

Mondays are tough and need a strong backbone

Monday is the day that scary things happen

From grown-ups to school-going children

The day can leave anyone heartbroken

Mondays could be a bad omen

At 00:00, it’s full of darkness but it's a new day

Monday is gone, but it will come back some day

It’s now relaxing because you’re asleep and it’s on Tuesday

Monday is a very different day

© 2021 Fredrick JS