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Pistol power

Updated on May 18, 2016

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I’m in control and if you ask me how I’ll show you why, but I rather not be a suspect caught in another bloody homicide, this is the streets and there's a certain code to be followed, that puts young boys on the front lines when times can get a little wild, our citys victim count is officially above the statistical phase, it's an eye for an eye there's no more peace like there was in our younger days, justice I’m listening but haven’t received an answer yet, prior to the same questions that’s constantly asked from the churches pulpit, Did we ask for this power to be passed down to the ruggedness?, it created havoc and mayhem that’ll never be led to rest, If I held enough magic in my hands, then there would be no war's led by this unholy trance, of course there is known to be blood shed amongst soldiers, but people shouldn’t pick up the habit unless their fighting off all their opposers, not so much as territory or against rival opponents, more like the one's who carry badges waging war against all of us...


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