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Phones Are Existent

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The phone, it breathes

It sleeps and it eats

Phones have emotions too

The feelings it has are actually true

It gladly stays in comfort in your back pocket

It starts eating when the plug is in the wall socket

Its food is the charge that drains slowly in time

And when it is hungry then it needs downtime

To charge once again

Or else it will drain

And be completely dead

To avoid that it needs to be fed.

But phones never die for they can be charged

But they die when they're older when they are discarded

For they're not up to date with all the new ones

So they grow older and then you can't use them

They're done with their feelings

Then they have no meaning

And you move on and replace it

With a better, new, more updated fit

And soon time is gone

They cannot live on


Beginning to write this poem got me thinking a lot about how phones have a daily routine too, like how it's awake when we are and how it eats when it's charging and when the battery is low it's hungry and if we don't charge in time it gets critical and dies. Even how it gets older in time and we replace it with a better fit.

Thank you.

© 2018 delilah

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