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Pepper Me Up

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I Found A New Thrill

In the afternoon

I feel like something

But I don't know what

I have tried a little popcorn and peanuts

Then sometimes I grab an unhealthy snack

That fills me up

Cookies to cakes

We can't forget ice cream

Any kind of sweet will do

Then of course I could get something healthier

A piece of fruit

In the summertime I would go for watermelon, apples grapes

There is nothing like a nice ripe pear

Then there is something else that tastes so good

Good old vegetables

Celery and carrots are my old time favorite

So my newest craze

i eat three or four raw peppers

They are simple

Easy to eat

Just break them open

I love the crunch

For years I always ate green peppers

Now the yellow, red or orange are tastier

Sometimes I will buy whatever is on sale

I give them a quick wash

Rip them apart

Take the little seeds out

Munch away

That makes my day

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